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Allergy Discussion Group


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If you have an allergy, here is a free discussion group for you!

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Welcome to the Allergy Discussion!

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Allergy Discussion Group on LISTSERV@listserv.uark.edu

The Allergy group discusses all types of human allergies - how allergies influence our health and lifestyles, treatments for allergies from the consumer perspective and experience, self-help prevention of allergy symptoms, allergy self-care, and support systems. Families and friends of the allergic are also welcome!

Related topics also include hives, sinusitis, asthma, itches, eczema, rashes, sinus, nasal and respiratory difficulties, mastocytosis, etc. These topics are fair game, especially as they relate to people dealing with allergies in their everyday lives.

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The Allergy mailing list is an open, semi-moderated, free LISTSERV discussion list. The Allergy mailing list is seeking additional sponsors, and will accept pre-approved commercial announcements *strictly* related to allergies. Only the Allergy list "owner" may post commercial advertisements on the Allergy mailing list. All commercial announcements must be screened and approved in advance by the list owner at relevance@Immune.Com.

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To learn more about the Allergy online discussion group, anyone can request a current/fresh copy of the Allergy membership guidelines and Allergy rules at any time because the Allergy clerical robot will send it by e-mail 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To obtain the Allergy Welcome message, send (in the text/body of your e-mail message):

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The Allergy mailing list is made up of a diverse worldwide group of people with various computers and mail programs. For some Allergy members, when a message contains formatted text, their e-mail program presents them with a blank message because the e-mail program is unable to translate the formatting. In other cases, the mail program does the best that it can and provides a "translation" of sorts with all the control characters and formatting commands spelled out (sometimes in broken English and sometimes not) - very messy and hard to read.

If you use an e-mail program that produces HTML format or other non-ASCII non-plain-text output, please adjust your program options and preferences when you send e-mail to Allergy. Allergy has several hundred members, in about 40 countries, and everyone should be able to read your message, even if their hardware and software is very different from yours. Here are some simple instructions for adjusting two common e-mail programs:

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If you need help with getting some other e-mail program to speak the ACSII plain text language, please visit this RootsWeb problem-solving page or this informative page for help with most e-mail programs. If you still need help, please write to the Allergy mailing list manager, or send a test message to AllergyTest@Immune.Com.

Through the generosity of these Web community services, the Allergy mailing list has grown for over 10 years:

[TAMU.EDU] This list was begun at Texas Agriculture & Mechanical University in April 1995. We left TAMU.EDU in November 1999.


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[lwgate milk polen polyp pollen] Many Allergy members joined the discussion group via David Baker's popular LWGates. Thanks David!


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And our LISTSERV Host site since 1999, the University of Arkansas, makes our mailing list possible. Thanks UARK!


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