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Allergy Discussion Group Welcome Message


Subject: Vital guidelines for ALLERGY - SAVE and PRINT

                       W E L C O M E !

 Guide For Membership In The Allergy Discussion Group

  Please read this entire message *BEFORE* you send
    a message to the Allergy discussion group.

Last Updated: 14 June 2000

To get a new copy of this message, send e-mail that says

         get Allergy welcome

to the automated administrative self-serve robot at



Welcome Contents:

1. Please Keep On Topic
2. This Discussion is NOT Medical Advice
3. Be Brief and Use a Descriptive Subject: Line
4. Avoid Meta Comments - Use Private E-mail
5. Don't Post On/Off Requests to the Whole List
6. Please Be Respectful and Tolerant
7. Commercial Postings are Tightly Controlled
8. Fraudulent, Deceptive, Illegal, Disruptive Messages Prohibited
9. Privacy Notice: Your Privacy Is Lost When You Post a Message
10. My Decision Is Final
11. Copyrights
12. How to Search the Allergy Archives
13. Short Instructions on LISTSERV SET Options
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Guide For Membership In The Allergy Discussion Group

Commercial Use

The Allergy discussion mailing list is an open, unmoderated,
free LISTSERV discussion list.  The Allergy mailing list is
seeking additional sponsors, and will accept pre-approved
commercial announcements strictly related to allergies.  All
commercial announcements must be screened, approved in advance,
and actually posted by the list owner at .

When you send a message to the Allergy discussion group,
please disclaim all commercial relationship to products and
services discussed on-list. Commercial use of the names and
e-mail addresses gathered from the Allergy discussion is
strictly prohibited.

World Wide Web users please visit the Allergy mailing list home
page and our related Allergy Basics Center at:


Purpose of Allergy Discussion:

1.  Please Keep On Topic

       Our topic is human allergies of all types - how allergies
impact our health and lifestyles, treatments for allergies from
the consumer perspective and experience, self-help prevention
of allergy symptoms, allergy self-care, allergy support
systems, and basic facts about these topics.  Often the
discussion includes related conditions and complications such
as sinusitis, asthma, hives, itchiness, rashes, puffiness, nasal
and respiratory difficulties, etc.  These associated topics are
fair game, especially as they relate to people dealing with
allergies in their everyday lives.  Friends and family of the
allergic are also welcome.

E-mail Message Formatting

       Allergy accepts messages in PLAIN TEXT (ASCII). Your
e-mail software may default to some other form of formatting.
OTHER FORMATS {HTML, multipart alternative MIME, etc.}
are NOT allowed to post on Allergy, so that everyone will be
able to read your messages.

To send your messages in plain text may require that you adjust
the "Preferences" or "Options" in your e-mail software. After
sending test messages to your own e-mail address, you may also
send a test message to . I will reply
that your message appears to be okay, or not.


       Questionnaires and surveys MAY NOT be posted by anyone
other than the Allergy mailing list owner. Surveys and
questionnaires directed to the Allergy membership must be
pre-approved and posted only by the mailing list owner at

New Topics

       You may ALWAYS introduce new allergy-related discussion
topics. If an allergy-related topic you want to hear about is
not currently being discussed on list -- please bring your
topic up in a question or statement to the group!

Off-List Reply Requests Prohibited

       Please do not request private, OFF-LIST replies. Open
group discussion is the primary purpose of Allergy. You may
request a Cc: copy be sent directly to you. Only ON-LIST
discussions are recorded for the benefit of the whole Allergy
community in the Allergy Archives. Allergy messages should
never divert discussion away from the ON-LIST group.

Off-Topic Messages

       If someone else starts a discussion or asks an interesting
question that is *not* about allergies, please DO NOT reply on
the list.  No matter how much you want to respond on list,
please remember that all non-allergy discussions are to occur
in private e-mail.  This mailing list is about allergies only,

       Please do not send personal notes to the Allergy list
unless they are about allergy and might contribute to the
discussion.  Posters in the "Hi Joe, how was your weekend?"
vein will be reminded that Allergy is only about allergies.

       Please don't distract other subscribers and waste network
bandwidth by posting non-Allergy chatter to the list.  Please
use private, personal e-mail instead.


       If you wish to remain anonymous, or if you are unsure
about whether the topic is allergy-related, please send your
message to me at .  You MUST be
clear that your message is intended for the Allergy mailing
list, rather than personal mail to me alone.  If I understand
that you intend the message for distribution, I can distribute
the message to the Allergy mailing list -- your message will
no longer appear to come from you, so you should always supply
a suitable "nom de plume" or pseudonym for your 'anonymous'
or "Jane Doe" self.

You Must Tame Your Own E-mail Software

       You must learn the THREE very different e-mail addresses
for every Internet e-mail discussion.  You must learn to use
each of the three (3) addresses for its own purpose, and NOT
for any other purpose.

Address #1 For Group Discussion:


Address #2 For Clerical Commands:


Address #3 for Human Help With The LISTSERV Robot:


Good citizenship on Allergy requires that YOU learn to keep
these three e-mail addresses distinct and separate, please.

Please do not send letters including administrative comments
to Address #1 For Group Discussion. Please do not mix the
purposes of these e-mail addresses. The list human cannot
"edit out" your misdirected comments, so your message will
become a burden to return to you for editing and corrected

Unsubscribing Is Self-Serve, Too!

If you wish to leave this Allergy discussion at any time,
24 hours a day, 365 days per year, it is YOUR responsibility
alone to send this exact message to the clerical robot:

  signoff Allergy

Or, to stop all Allergy messages for your vacation, tell our
finicky clerical robot:

  set Allergy NOMAIL

Other options to control the clerical LISTSERV robot are
summarized at the bottom of THIS message.

2.  This Discussion Is NOT Medical Advice

       The Allergy discussion is not a source or kind of
personal medical advice.  This electronic LISTSERV discussion
cannot substitute for proper health care or timely consultation
with your health care providers.  I hope that the discussion
will help you be more informed about allergies and help inform
your health care choices.  The Allergy discussion is only
intended for informational purposes and should not be construed
as medical advice or medical instruction, because it is *not*
medical advice or medical instruction.

       This electronic, textual discussion cannot diagnose or
treat an illness or condition, and is not intended to provide
personal medical advice. Medical advice should be obtained
directly from your health care provider.  When you need personal
medical advice and/or treatment of a problem or condition or
for any other medical purpose, please consult with or visit
a health care provider of your choice without delay.

       Sometimes Allergy subscribers write their posts in a
medical "sounding" way.  Please do not be confused.  You are
not receiving personal medical advice from this LISTSERV
mailing list, regardless of the apparent credentials of the
members of the mailing list.  What you can expect to find is a
wide-ranging, mostly non-technical discussion of all aspects of
allergy, with human warmth and the voice of human experience
thrown in for good measure.

       If you use any information gained from the Allergy
mailing list, you use it only at your own risk.  The Allergy
list is offered "as is" with no warranty of any kind.  The
LISTSERV owner specifically denies any responsibility for the
accuracy, quality, or applicability for any particular purpose
of any and all information obtained through the Allergy mailing
list.  Use at your own risk, and only after appropriate
consultation with your health care provider, please.

3.  Be Brief and Use a Descriptive Subject: Line

       To participate in Allergy, you must learn to . YOU
are responsible to test and learn how to create e-mail messages
that include only a small snippet of the previous message. Your
e-mail software may require you to use the  or
 key, or to Copy and Paste. Ask for help and I'll
try .

     Please NEVER include the entire previous message you are
replying to.  Include NO MORE than 1% to 5% of the old message
we've already seen. Do not send a quote of the previous Allergy
discussion (old information) with a comment (new information)
that is smaller than the quote. New good; old bad. Please add
more to the discussion than you are repeating, or repeat less.

     Try to keep exceptionally long or frequent posting to a
minimum.  Consider whether your message might be better sent
privately.  Please read all the incoming mail from the list
before posting - someone else may have already sent a message
just like yours. "Me too" may add little to the discussion.

     Please use a Subject: line that is very clear.  Allergy
requires that each message have a topic category identified on
the beginning of the Subject: line in one or two capitalized
words.  Please don't begin a new topic category if one of these
is adequate.

Allergy Topic Categories


       Add your name and a return address to the >body< of every
message.  Signatures should be only 4 lines or less -- longer
signatures fill up the Allergy Daily Digest unnecessarily and cost
some members extra. Many people, especially overseas, pay for
their Internet access by the line or by the byte.

Daily Digest Is Available

     You can expect to receive 10 or more messages per
day from this mailing list.  At the end of this file there is
information about how to receive only one Digest (or Index) daily.

Do NOT use
  Unexplained Abbreviations
  Unexplained Acronyms
  Telegraph Style

Please think of Allergy as a conversation among friends. When
you write a message to us, remember that we have many different
backgrounds and many different languages. Allergy has several
hundred members, in over 35 countries, so that familiar jargon
from North America may be unfamiliar to our foreign members.
Please avoid all unexplained abbreviations and all unexplained
acronyms. If you must use an abbreviation or an acronym, >you<
are responsible to completely explain the term in the *same*

Speak in a normal voice, with full sentences, as if to a group of
friends and neighbors in a public meeting.

4.  Avoid Meta Comments - Use Private E-mail

       Meta comments are thoughts about the Allergy discussion
group or the people in it, rather than about allergy.  Posts
such as: "I think this mailing list is...." "Why do people on
this list...." "This mailing list is too X" "This mailing list
is not X enough" are off limits here.  Please don't discuss the
discussion - do discuss allergies!

       If you have questions or suggestions about the Allergy
group itself, please share them with the list owner at
, but do not post them to the
entire list.  The topic of this discussion is allergies!  But
the owner is interested in anything that can improve the list
and discussion.  Please do not comment (good or bad) to the
group about the Allergy list owner or the list owner's actions.
These are topics for private e-mail.

       The only topic allowed for general discussion is
allergies.  Private e-mail is the place for all non-allergy
messages, please.

5.  Don't Post On/Off Requests to the Whole List

       Posting "unsuscibe me" to the whole group
 will NOT get you off the list
because the robot does that job.  If you want off, >you< must
send your request to the robot at .
Use the following exact command:

    unsubscribe Allergy

       All clerical, subscription-related issues should be
handled at the  address, NOT the
address for the people who read the Allergy list


6.  Please Be Respectful and Tolerant

       We're a diverse, worldwide group of several hundred
people.  Our emphasis is on sharing information.  Flaming and
personal insults (including name calling, rude comments and
other bad manners) are out of place here.  Repeat offenders
(and/or bozos) will be banned.

       The Allergy discussion mailing list is an open forum for
ideas about allergies.  I expect ideas about allergies to
occasionally cause controversy and evoke emotions among the
Allergy members.  Please feel free to vigorously defend or
attack ideas on this mailing list.  BUT, you may *not* make
personal attacks on other living beings (or groups of living
beings) on the Allergy list.  Whether a person is a member of
the discussion or not, all human beings should be treated with
respect and tolerance on the Allergy discussion list.

       If you have a dispute with any list member, please try
to solve it privately, off-list.  If one side is disrespectful or
intolerant, this is NOT an acceptable excuse to return
that disrespect or intolerance.

7.  Commercial Messages are Tightly Controlled

Definition:  A commercial message is one made by a person
or on behalf of a person or organization selling or profiting or
benefiting from sales of a product or service and containing
information about that product or service.

       As an Allergy list member you have two responsibilities
about commercial messages. First, you should ALWAYS disclaim
all messages "promoting" any allergy-related product of service,
saying "I have no interest in X (product or service) other than
being a consumer of X."

       Secondly, if you receive ANY e-mail not directly from the
Allergy mailing list which you think might be as a result of
your being a member of Allergy, you should forward it (whole -
including all address headers) to me at


       To promote fairness, people with commercial interests in
allergy-related products and services also may not speak about
competitor products or services unless they speak in a message
clearly identified as an advertisement.

       I intend to experiment with ways to allow some *relevant*
advertising, while demanding that it not overpower or distract
the discussion that is the purpose of the list.  I intend to
solicit sponsors for the list, and hope to find ways that the
list can pay its own way, so to speak.

       Commercial messages may NOT be e-mailed directly to the
group or to individual Allergy members.  Only the Allergy
mailing list "owner" may post commercial messages.  Nobody else
is authorized to send advertisements except the Allergy list
owner.  Every commercial posting must be paid for in advance
and preapproved by the list owner.  Send your request for a
commercial to  for approval.  [This rule
does not apply to unaffiliated, unrelated consumers making
unsolicited, unrecompensed recommendations or reviews of
products and/or services.]

       ALL postings must have specific relevance to the Allergy
discussion group. Announcements of seminars and educational
events where products (vitamins, etc.) are sold also require
preapproval.  Again, this rule does not apply to unaffiliated,
unrelated consumers making unsolicited, unrecompensed
recommendations or reviews of products and/or services.

       Postings in violation of this policy will be removed from
the Allergy Archives and warned only once, if at all.

       Until further notice commercial posts will be limited to
Tuesday mornings, one Tuesday a month, unless the post has a
time urgency that would make it stale by the next monthly

8.  Fraudulent, Deceptive, Illegal, Disruptive Messages Prohibited

       Forging messages or otherwise creating a deception in
e-mail messages or addresses is an offense to the community and
is not tolerated. Identity hacking or other deception of ANY
kind is not allowed.

       The Allergy mailing list forbids identity deception of any
kind, and makes no assurances that a particular message was sent
by the person it appears to be from.  I cannot verify the
identity or credentials of Allergy members.  Therefore, I remind
you that before trying out any ideas discussed here you must
seek advice and confirmation from qualified, licensed health
care providers whose identities and credentials you know and

       Fraudulent and illegal activities are forbidden from the
Allergy mailing list.  No disruption, or attempted disruption,
of the Allergy discussion is permitted.

9.  Privacy Notice: Your Privacy Is Lost When You Post a Message

       Our member list is kept 100% confidential. 100%

       The Allergy membership database is NEVER sold, rented,
lent, exchanged, or used for anything other than official
Allergy activity. Immune.Com may choose to send mailings to
Allergy members of information from other groups -- all mailings
will always originate with Immune.Com alone.

       Again, I NEVER release, sell, or rent the names and e-mail
addresses of the Allergy membership.  If I am presented with a
valid court order I will release them only under protest.  I
believe the other technical people who can access the list to be
scrupulous and ethical, and I believe they will not divulge the
addresses without being similarly forced.

       However, when *you* post a message to the Allergy
discussion, you breech your privacy because all the Allergy
members can read your return address.  Because the Allergy
mailing list is open to anyone, the Allergy Archives can be
searched by anyone (even non-members).  Archive searches can
reveal all the names and e-mail addresses of all the people
who *ever* posted a message to Allergy.

       Open participation is desirable, but lurking is also
encouraged.  If you wish to retain your privacy, you must lurk.

       If you EVER receive e-mail sales soliciations SPAM that
you think *might* have something to do with your membership in
Allergy, please send me  the message (with
all address headers) immediately.

10.  My Decision Is Final

       This LISTSERV discussion is a free service to the
Internet community.  The responsibility to keep it going on a
day-to-day basis falls on the "owner" of the list.  The owner,
therefore, is the final arbiter of all questions and disputes,
and ultimately judges all questions of list access, operation,
membership and content.  Questions and comments about this
policy can, of course, be directed to

11.  Copyrights

       Electronic mail has created new and wonderful ways to
share information widely with others, but copyright
restrictions still apply to how we may distribute the writings
of other people.  Under current law in the USA, every word is
copyrighted as soon as it is written.  So in other words, you
need not include the word or symbol for "copyright" in a
message for the message to have your copyright.  Consequently,
you and I must ask another person's permission to use their
writings, on the Internet or otherwise, regardless of whether
the writings are marked as "copyrighted."

       The ground rules of the Allergy mailing list allow brief
quotations of other people's messages to the Allergy mailing
list within the context, and TO retain the context of the
Allergy discussion.  It is assumed that everyone, every Allergy
member, is asynchronously discussing Allergies together in
various threads, and therefore brief quotes serve to focus on
the topical subject of each message and direct the flow of the

       So, using brief snips of another person's or persons'
contemporaneous writing from the Allergy discussion list to
further discuss ongoing topics on Allergy is therefore at least
tacitly acceptable, with or without the author's explicit
permission.  However, this rule is *very* limited in its
application, and this rule does not free you to break copyright

       Extensive, substantial, or out-of-context quotes of other
people's writing requires the author's permission, because the
author owns and legally controls the copyright to their own
words.  This is especially true when material is cross-posted
to another electronic mailing list, where the rules and context
may be utterly different from the Allergy mailing list.

       If you want to forward an Allergy message which includes a
quote, you need both the author's permission and the permission
of the person who was quoted.

       E-mail just makes copyright violation easy -- not right,
not polite, and definitely not legal.

12.  How to Search the Allergy Archives

       One important feature of our LISTSERV software is
the ability to maintain archives of mailing list messages.
Because of this, we on the Allergy mailing list are creating
an historical base of information that is beneficial to ourselves
and others.  Anyone can search the Allergy Archives.

       The Archives contain a copy of every message posted to the
Allergy mailing list. There are two ways to approach searching
these messages.

    A.  World Wide Web Access
    B.  E-mail Access at LISTSERV@listserv.uark.edu

12.A.  World Wide Web Access

       If you have access to the World Wide Web, point your
browser to


and select the option

         Keyword Search the Allergy Archives

       You'll fill in a template to define your search.
Generally, make your first search broad, with only one or two
words -- don't get too specific, or you'll miss out on
relevant messages which don't meet your strict criteria.

12.B.   E-mail Access at LISTSERV@listserv.uark.edu

       If you don't have access to the World Wide Web, you still
can search the Allergy Archives by e-mail.  There is a simple
example below.  For more information, specific instructions and
examples to help you when using the search tool, send e-mail to


with the message

         get Allergy search

Example:  The following search would match messages in the
Allergy Archives that contain the words 'hives' or 'urticaria' and
the word 'itch'.

Search Example:

/* - - - - - - - - - clip and save this example - - - - - - - */

search hives or urticaria and itch in Allergy

/* - - - - - - - - - clip and save this example - - - - - - - */

An e-mail message, containing an index of the first 100 matching
messages, will be compiled from the Allergy Archives by the
kindly LISTSERV robot and e-mailed to you.

Following the index, there is a line that says

   To order a copy of the Archive messages, send the following

 GETPOST ALLERGY ### ### ### ### ###, etc.

This command should be returned to the clerical robot at


Before returning the entire GETPOST request, you might want to
review the context information that LISTSERV has provided, to
narrow your search. GETPOST results can be a very large message.

13.  Short instructions on LISTSERV SET options

      All of these "command" messages should be sent to the
helpful but ignorant LISTSERV clerical robot at:

LISTSERV@listserv.uark.edu    <>

What you want to have happen is followed by the message you send.

To Subscribe

     SUB Allergy YourFirstname Lastname

To Unsubscribe

     SIGNOFF Allergy

To Stop List Mail Temporarily

     SET Allergy NOMAIL

To Restart Mail After Vacation

     SET Allergy MAIL

To Receive Only One Mailing Each Day
     Which Contains 24 Hours of Messages

     SET Allergy DIGEST

To Receive Only One Mailing Each Day
     Which Contains Only the Subject:
     Line and Sender: for Each Message

     SET Allergy INDEX

To See Your Own Distribution Options

     QUERY Allergy

To Receive a Copy of Your Own Messages

     SET Allergy REPRO

To Get a Listing of LISTSERV Commands


To Get the Allergy Welcome Guidelines (this message)

     GET Allergy Welcome

     All of these "command" messages should be sent to the
sleepless LISTSERV clerical robot at:


     There is also a World Wide Web un/subscription page
for the Allergy mailing list. The URL is


     Web users can read the weekly Allergy logs and set all
their distribution options, subscribe, unsubscribe, and read
and search the Allergy Archives from the above Web page.
Try it, you'll like it.  8=]'

     Thank you for your interest in the Allergy discussion list.

Last Updated: 14 June 2000,
Copyright (c) 1995-2000, Immune.Com; all rights reserved.


E-mail subscriptions to Allergy:

   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

   To subscribe to Allergy, e-mail the following message to


   In the BODY of your e-mail write:

      Subscribe Allergy Yourfirstname Lastname

   For example:  SUBSCRIBE Allergy Jane Doe
   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
   Thanks.  Ya'll come visit!

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