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If you have Latex Allergy, here is a free mailing list for you!

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Natural Rubber Latex Allergy Discussion Group

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The Natural Rubber Latex Allergy mailing list discusses all aspects of this allergy, from research and diagnosis to treatment, support, and economics surrounding natural rubber latex allergy. Families and friends are also welcome!

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Three warnings about Natural Rubber Latex Allergy harm:

  1. Latex allergy results directly from repeated exposure to natural rubber latex, and generally worsens progressively with additional exposures to natural rubber latex.
  2. After one develops "Type IV" allergy, the dermatitis caused by a "Type IV" reaction can, with repeated exposure to natural rubber latex, contribute to the development of the more severe and life-threatening "Type I" latex allergy. Having both "Type IV" and "Type I" natural rubber latex allergy is both possible and worse than either type of allergy alone.
  3. After you are sensitized to latex, you have latex allergy, and the safest way to minimize/prevent worsening natural rubber allergic symptoms is to avoid all exposure to natural rubber latex.

Anything that causes an already latex allergic person to be once again exposed to additional natural rubber latex is not just delaying that patient's recovery, but may also cause additional, serious, progressive harm.


MediSafe Technologies: innovative disposable glove manufacturer specializing in disposable Latex gloves, Nitrile gloves & Neoprene gloves for use as Exam, EMS, Dental, Surgical Gloves & Medical Gloves.

Beyond low-protein disposable latex gloves (for use as Exam, Dental, Surgical Gloves and Medical Gloves), MediSafe also develops latex glove alternatives that include disposable Neoprene Gloves made from a US patented formulation (for use as Exam, EMS, Surgical Gloves and Medical Gloves) and disposable Nitrile Gloves (for use as Exam & Medical Gloves).

MediSafe's constant drive is to deliver disposable synthetic and latex gloves that provide cost-effective protection - focusing on reliability, comfort and minimizing the risk of latex allergy reactions.

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We're proud to display a project by Rubber members! We've written a series of articles about natural rubber latex allergy and how it is grown and produced, including cornstarch powdered natural rubber latex glove manufacturing and natural rubber latex production details which have remained obscure for many of the latex allergic until now.

Some Rubber members have offered whole documents for the benefit of all in the form of Adobe Acrobat *.pdf formatted files. These also appear below.

Please note our latex allergy pages and documents:

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  1. A Brief Natural History of Latex Rubber Allergy [predates NIOSH Alert]

  2. Selecting The Right Glove: Understanding Latex Allergy And Glove Chemistry

  3. The US Federal government speaks: NIOSH Alert!
    Preventing Allergic Reactions to Natural Rubber Latex in the Workplace

  4. Latex-safe Safer Sex

  5. January 26, 1933 - Dermatitis From Rubber Gloves - New England Journal of Medicine January 26, 1933

  6. Latex Allergy UK Database of Items Containing Natural Rubber Latex Adobe Acrobat [Latex Allergy PDF File] document

  7. Same Data as #6 Above in slower, harder to use HTML format - Latex Allergy UK Database of Items Containing Natural Rubber Latex Warning! Large Database - 0.62 Megabyte.

  8. Medical Device Incident Report for Australia and New Zealand Adobe Acrobat [Latex Allergy PDF File] document - use for Latex Allergy response reports

  9. NIOSH Pub 98-113 Latex Allergy A Prevention Guide Adobe Acrobat [Latex Allergy PDF File] document

  10. Learning To Avoid Allergic Reactions - Chemical Reactions Chart

  11. Who Pays For Latex Allergy "Support?"

  12. Lieutenant Hal Henderson Died of Latex Allergy

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Comments and additional details are welcome on the Rubber discussion mailing list! Thank you for your support. Fight Latex Allergy!

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Allergy Basics Center

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for Internet information about Natural Rubber Latex Allergy!

United States of America Says, About Natural Rubber Latex Allergy:

US Occupational Safety and Health Administration: (May 1999)

US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: (June 1997)

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