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In Memory of Lieutenant Hal Henderson


May 19, 1957 to August 29, 1997

Natural Rubber Latex (NRL)

Allergy Has Already Killed Too Many People

Hal Henderson Worked For



Even so, the medical staff at Balboa Naval Hospital, his colleagues, friends and co-workers in San Diego, California, could not prevent Hal's death from complications of latex allergy at age 40 on August 29, 1997.


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Latex allergy is a serious illness that can cause death.

If you discover you may have latex allergy, please know:

  1. Latex allergy (LA) disease is preventable
  2. LA sensitization is preventable
  3. LA symptoms are preventable
  4. Allergy to latex is often caused by occupational exposure
  5. LA people become sensitized by repeated exposure to natural rubber latex
  6. Latex allergy can be life-threatening
  7. Unprepared medical providers may use rubber on the latex allergic

If you don't yet have LA, please know that you can take steps to prevent it!

Now, here is one of the final records of Hal Henderson's many battles against latex allergy.

Please allow this raw government document of Hal Henderson's death to sober you to the plain fact that latex allergy can and does kill.

Too many have already needlessly died.

To see the MAUDE statistical report of Hal Henderson's untimely, unnecessary death, in Adobe Acrobat [Latex Allergy PDF File] format, please click on this picture of our "tallest angel in heaven."

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Tallest Angel in Heaven

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Three warnings about Natural Rubber Latex Allergy harm:

  1. Latex allergy results directly from repeated exposure to natural rubber latex, and generally worsens progressively with additional exposures to natural rubber latex.
  2. After one develops "Type IV" allergy, the dermatitis caused by a "Type IV" reaction can, with repeated exposure to natural rubber latex, contribute to the development of the more severe and life-threatening "Type I" latex allergy. Having both "Type IV" and "Type I" natural rubber latex allergy is both possible and worse than either type of latex allergy alone.
  3. After you are sensitized to latex, you have latex allergy, and the safest way to minimize/prevent increasingly worsening natural rubber allergic symptoms is to avoid all exposure to natural rubber latex.

Anything that causes an already latex allergic person to be once again exposed to additional natural rubber latex is not just delaying that patient's recovery, but may also cause additional, serious, progressive harm.

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Now Hear This:

US Occupational Safety and Health Administration: (May 1999)
OSHA Technical Bulletin - Potential for Allergy to Natural Rubber

US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: (June 1997)
Preventing Allergic Reactions to Natural Rubber Latex in the Workplace

US NIOSH Pub 98-113 Latex Allergy A Prevention Guide
Adobe Acrobat [Latex Allergy PDF File] format document

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Lieutenant Hal Henderson

May 19, 1957 to August 29, 1997

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To see Hal's death certificate, please click on the day he died.

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Latex Allergy also killed Cheryl Maree Mohrbacker on June 10, 1996.

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