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Latex Allergy Funding Chart

Because you can't tell the players without a program,

Here's the program!

Please help fill in this chart
If a box is filled with ???s, we need more research and information.
If you have more better facts, SIC numbers, 510-k numbers, annual revenue statements, please send them to kinnaman@Immune.Com for inclusion here. Thanks!





Allerderm Laboratories Inc. ??????????? gloves made of vinyl, nitrile, and styrene-butadiene-styrene/styrene-isoprene-styrene Elastic, ALERT
CETRA Suegee Tamar-Mattis,
Heidi Wordhouse-Dykema,
J.B. Petter
latex free products Elastic, ALERT
Dey Laboratories (Merck KGaA) Charles Rice EpiPens, respiratory pharmaceuticals Elastic, ALERT
Air-Tite ??????????? latex gloves, vinyl gloves, latex free syringes Elastic
Maxxim Medical ??????????? gloves, some non-latex Elastic
W.L Gore & Associates ??????????? Goretex, dental floss, guitar strings, compact fluorescent lamps Elastic
Best Manufacturing (TRC-Silmix) ??????????? latex gloves, nitrile gloves Elastic
Schering-Plough ??????????? Claritin, Coppertone, Dr. Scholls, $3.4 billion in allergy/respriatory pharmaceutical sales in 1998 Elastic
Pacific Northwest Foundation ??????????? Wants to focus on efforts by nonprofit ventures to expand and become self-sustaining through broad support from within their respective communities Elastic
American Health & Safety ??????????? latex gloves, Best and Ansell nitrile gloves ALERT
Safeskin ??????????? latex gloves, vinyl and nitrile gloves ALERT
Tetra Medical Supplies ??????????? medical supplies, some latex free ALERT
TRIMLINE Medical Products Corp. Richard F. Jacobson,
Paul Von der Heyden
blood pressure cuffs, some latex free ALERT
Vital Signs ??????????? respiratory, critical care, anesthesia supplies ALERT
??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ???????????
Female Health Company ??????????? Donated free non-latex Reality® female condoms for San Antonio Conference Rubber received
no funds
Durex (London International Group) ??????????? Donated free non-latex Avanti male condoms for San Antonio Conference Rubber received
no funds

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Synthetic Alternative Gloves
Synthetic Rubber Glove name Manufacturer [sic] (headquarters location) Annual Sales (all products)
Polychloroprene (Neoprene)Duraprene Allegiance (McGaw Park, Illinois USA) $4,719,500,000 (1999)
Dermaprene Ansell (Massillon, Ohio USA) $738,400,000 (1999)
Neolon Maxxim (Clearwater, Florida USA) $522,500,000 (1998)
Biogel Neo-tech Regent (Broxbourne, Herts UK) ???
Styrene butadieneElastyren Hermal Pharmaceutical Labs, Inc (? Deutchland) ???
Styrene ethylene butadieneAllergard Johnson and Johnson (New Brunswick, New Jersey USA) $27,471,000,000 (1999)
Tactyl,Tactylon SmartPractice (Phoenix, Arizona USA) ???
Synthesys SmartPractice (Phoenix, Arizona USA) ???
Polyvinyl chloride Flexam Allegiance (McGaw Park, Illinois USA) $4,719,500,000 (1999)
SensiCare Becton, Dickinson (Franklin Lakes, New Jersey USA) $3,418,400,000 (1999)
TruTouch Becton, Dickinson (Franklin Lakes, New Jersey USA) $3,418,400,000 (1999)
Vinylite SmartPractice (Phoenix, Arizona USA) ???

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